Graphic designer of virtual reality, expert in 3D archaeological reconstructions in environment V.R. and A.R.-He has worked as a graphic collaborator at the RAI Italian Radio Television in programs with historical-informative and didactic-educational themes. Currently operates for private companies that produce interactive multimedia content for projects of reconstruction of Roman monuments, the Mediterranean hinterland as well as international projects.Among its multiple and multifaceted interests are the study of history, travel, cultural identities and ancient and contemporary public architecture. Carmine Lillo, aka Carlolello Zapatero (in Second Life) inspired by the potentiality and modeling tool of Linden Lab's 3D metaverse, is the father and the author of "Museum Island": an anthology of monuments presented as a poetic journey in  space and time that allows the virtual tourist, the professional, or the culture and history enthusiast to enter their gardens immersively discovering the constructive and aesthetic excellence in which architecture has accompanied society at important stages of the Mediterranean civilization. A personal point of view of Lillo, shaped him into the cultured eye and at the same time romantic one, he is one  of those who see in history the power of being "magistra vitae" (teacher of life) of humanity. Creative by definition, Carmine Lillo loves good Italian food, auteur cinema, family and friends whom he generously delights with his laughter, his jokes and his impeccable creations. He speaks English but ... always proudly maintaining the exotic accent of the warm Italian south. Contact:  YOUTUBE channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFo09VtKGZ6J09-bJnB5Tpw GOOGLE + link:  https://plus.google.com/107650476164864629396 Linkedin: http://linkedin.com/in/carmine-lillo-53255a68