It is told that the Sibyl of Cumae was who led Aeneas on his journey to the depths of hell, when the Trojan Prince survivor of the war and the destruction of Troy came to Italy to establish the foundations of Roman civilization.

Before being a priestess, the Sibyl of Cumae was a beautiful young woman of which Apollo fell in love. According to the Mexican Carlos Montemayor in his article, "The god Apollo in vain required her of love until he promised to grant him the desire that she asked; Lying on the beach, the maiden took a handful of sand and begged her to live so many years as grains of sand showed in her hand. Thousand years fit into the fist of the Virgin of Cumae. Excited by the promise of God, he forgot, however, to ask Apollo for Youth for the Thousand Years of life. Seven hundred years later Aeneas found her, according to Ovid, he confessed melancholy, sweetly, that he still had to live three more centuries, that he would become smaller and smaller, so much that no one would recognise her, not even the God who came to love her, and that only by the voice Would be heard, that the voice would leave the fates. "

Den della Sibilla