The Etruscan culture dates from the 8th century BC where they were culturally rich because of the trade with the Greeks.

They were organized in the same way as the Greeks in state cities, where it is presumed that there was a do-Decapoli where there was alliance of their most important cities, which met annually to discuss political details and initiatives.

These peoples directly influenced Rome culturally, artistically and architecturally. Its archaeological centers is located the Etruscan city of Veyes, where one finds Portonaccio, the temple is called Sanctuary of Minerva of Portonaccio, erected in Etruria in the century 510 b.C.

These structures influence the temples of the Capitol in Rome.


Currently the temple has only models, architectural vestiges and pieces of statues.


This is a building of 18m square, with a front of 7m square meters deep with four columns in front of a portico, behind the facade three Cellas of 9 m. The columns measure 6 meters high made of tuff and stucco, were decorated with paintings in clay panels and statues representing gods, satyrs and Gorgons. The roof was made of wood, with terracotta.


It was built on the main road and had a swimming pool on one side, with the sacred forests surrounded by fences.





Vey┬┤s Temple History