The temple of Ramsés II, it was constructed in the granitic rock by a front of 33 meters of length and 38 of width. At his entry we will be able to find 4 Colossuses sedentes of the own Ramsés II, each one with a height of 22 meters and a name especially.

The first one of them, beginning for the left side, is known as Ptah: " the master of the magic " or " master of the darkness ". To the second Colossus he is known by Amón-Ra: an omnipresent god in all the things. This giant broke to a little time of his construction and was not restored since the UNESCO wanted to support the temples in the same condition in the one that found them.


The third Colossus is exalted Ramsés II : it was made personify like god, managing to represent together with them in the sanctuary and the fourth Ra-Horajti : the god of the Sun, the god of the life, giving it and removing it, and even reviving the dead men, of there his importance in the funereal monuments.


To the feet of these 4 figures of stone they can find others of fewer dimensions that represent different members of the family of Ramsés II as his "Tuya" mother. Also it is represented the prince Amenhirjopshef and the princesses Bintanat, Baketmut, Nefertari, Meritamón, Nebtaui and Isetnofret and the Queen Nefertari.