Ramsés II, son of Seti I fought the enemies of North and South. Its most important battle was Kadesh, in Canaán against Hitites Asians.


The temple was built by Ramsés II to commemorate his victory at the batlle of Kadesh (1274 BC). It is dedicated to the worship of the own Ramses and the great deities of the ancient Egypt, Amun, Ra and Ptah. These three gods were very revered throughout the history of ancient Egypt. Ra was the head of the Ennead of Heliopolis, Amón head of the triad of Ptah the great craftsman god of Memphis and Thebes. .


On the walls of Abu Simbel and other Egyptian temples, Ramses boasted of having won the battle; the King of the Hittites did the same in the temples of his country.